Old Timers Day

Hitting Home Runs for God!

The story of the Old Timers Day baseball game where God and Satan disguised as two young boys, decideD to play a baseball game that has the potential to Affect the fate of all humanity.

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John Doe


What if God and the Devil were to draft their own fantasy baseball game? And what if they really playes that game with players living and dead, in the ghost of Ebbets Field-with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance?

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the authors

Richard LoPresto

Richard LoPresto is considered to be a baseball aficionado by baseball enthusiasts around the world.

His show business career includes writing and producing the production of a major musical variety television special entitled: Where Will You Be In 2000 A.D.? which was the last television show produced on the stage of the famous Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Jerry Schafer

Jerry Schafer is an award-winning writer, producer and director credited with writing, producing and directing more than 150 television specials, a dozen major motion pictures, and original Broadway style musical comedy shows.

He is the AGVA Producer of the Year  ward in Las Vegas, the New York Television Festival for best writing and direction of a documentary, the AVA Audio Visual Communications Award, and more.

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